Chimney kits for saunas



Stainless steel modular chimney, which complies with international requirements of fire safety and bearing the CE marking for the natural removal of combustion products from sauna stoves, metal ovens and fireplaces fired by solid and other fuels. Maximum permissible combustion products (gas) temperature at the point of connection with the source of heat is 600 ° C. The outer diameter of a round stack is 200 mm. The thickness of the chimney insulation made from mineral wool is 50 mm, the outer sheath made of stainless steel is 0.5 mm. The diameter of the chimney made of 0.6 mm stainless steel is 115 mm. The maximum stack height is 5 m. The height of the chimney that is mounted above the last support is 2 meters high. This chimney can only be mounted vertically.

Instruction manual

Instruction manual (for printing)

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