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EXPANDABLE CHIMNEYS – These are two-wall insulated chimneys, which consist of two, internal and external pipes. The inner tube of the delivery chamber is made of acid-resistant stainless steel 316L 1,4404. The outer tube (shell) can be selected from several types. The chimney between the inner and outer pipes has a thermal isolation of 50 mm, thermal isolation protects the chimney from rapid cooling, retains heat, improves traction, these chimneys can be mounted on the outside of the building’s wall or inside the building.

CHIMNEY LINERS – Fitting in existing brick or concrete chimneys to protect them from rapid decomposition by heat and aggressive condensation. Our proposed chimney liners are made out of acid-resistant stainless steel 316L 1,4404.

Installation and operating manual G2


Chimney installation
€ 200 /
  • Paslaugos aprašymas.
Chimney liners
€ 69 /
  • Paslaugos aprašymas.
Air duct cleaning
€ 80 /
  • Paslaugos aprašymas.

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