Wood pellets

Wood pellets

The company offers to buy wood pellets and to heat it ecologically! Wood pellets are natural biofuels. They are usually made from wood sawdust or shavings, which are dried, ground and pressed into 6-8 mm granules. Typically, specially designed fuel pellet stoves are used.

Why choose wood pellets?

  • They are safer than firewood, so heating is more efficient
  • Wood pellets are easy to transport because they are packed in 15 kg bags.
  • For convenient packaging, the granules are also easy to store – they do not need firewood, just a small area for bagging.
  • Long-standing granules do not break.
  • They are less profitable than briquettes, which proves their efficiency as a fuel, because the energy available is for heat rather than ash.
  • Wood pellets are several times more ductile than firewood of the 1st generation (oak, birch).
  • It is environmentally friendly and therefore environmentally friendly
  • This is a 100% wood product with no admixture
  • Since it is made from sawdust, this fuel is classified as a renewable source.

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